The best 5 star hotel in Chandigarh

When we think about a 5-star hotel, we tend to consider all the top-notch services and care we can expect from such a hotel. The prime arena of concern is whether the amount you are spending on the hotel is worth it or not. Such a dilemma can always affect your decision on which hotel to choose for your staycation. Park Plaza Zirakpur is highly recognized as one of the best5 star hotels in Chandigarh, it has a fine array of commodities which truly showcases a luxurious and effective stay experience.

Chandigarh being one of the highest rising cities in India has its true share of visually charming getaways. In order to truly relish these hangout destinations one has to choose the best stay options on offer. It’s here where Park Plaza Zirakpur attains an edge in the game. The 5 star accommodations coupled with the ideal location makes it one of the most sort after destinations in Chandigarh.

When you plan an escapade to Chandigarh, you have to consider the fact that you are planning an escape away from your corporate life. Such an escape doesn’t deserve any compromises and the best 5 star hotel in Chandigarh makes sure you don’t sacrifice your needs when you book a stay with it. The team at this 5 star hotel leaves no stones unturned to provide you with an ideal and holistic stay.
The immense culinary options of this best 5 star hotel are highly recognized and applauded by food critics and guests as well. You can enjoy a fine Indian style lunch at Zaranj, or crave your senses to the mind-boggling International delights at the offer in Essence. If you are in the mood for some light snacks, Coffee Bar stands as the ideal spot. Apart from these marvellous food options, this pride hotel of Chandigarh also hosts an excellent evening celebrations destination as well. Free Spirit lounge is the ideal destination for your socializing events along with a weekly hangout spot.

This mesmerizing 5 star hotel is not only perfect for your vacations but also for hosting your fairytale weddings as well. The highly appreciated pillar less halls here can host up to 3000 guests with an additional option to accompany your guests to our well-maintained lawns. Such an elaborate setting makes this 5 star hotel stand out amongst the best banquet halls inChandigarh.


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